Thursday, October 27, 2011

Content? or Poisoned?

Many times my friends within the church will tell me what's wrong with their life, or what they want instead, or where they want to be, or how messed up they are. 

But they add in fine print, a common lie. "But, you know, I'm content." or  "I'm trying to be content."  or "I know I should be content."

Because that's what a "good" christian says. Because contentment is expected, it's what we've been taught and told all our lives. If we want anything else, we're told we're rebellious and sinning. But that's wrong. 

I think we've have it wrong.

Most cases of "contentment" are actually apathy, laziness, helplessness, or giving up. 

Contentment is "a state of being satisfied" 
Satisfied is "being happy with one's state; well pleased." 

If your life is not where it should be, then you should not try to be content with it. 

God doesn't want "safe", socially acceptable Christians. This often means living as God intended goes against what the Church expects and teaches. But He doesn't want us to live life half-dead, suppressing the desires and gifts He's given to us. He doesn't want us to be so busy living so called "biblical" lives (a concept made up by legalistic, graceless Christians!) that we miss out on the unique path He's given each of us.

 no more cookie cutter Christians!

God gave you desires, gifts, talents, skills, thoughts, and dreams to use for His glory. He wants you to first love Him whole heartedly, and this includes loving what He loves.Including yourself. Love yourself. 

I'm so sick of the church teaching us that it's not ok to love and take care of ourselves. Yes, we are called to servanthood and to love others selflessly, but we're God's creation too and He wants us to be whole, unbroken. Realizing our worth shouldn't be a cause for pride, but if we genuinely see how He loves us, will bring us to joyful humility and thankfulness. 

God made you so beautiful and amazing, He planned out every inch of you. He didn't put you in a box, so don't let your parents or the church or society or anyone else hold you back from what He has for you. Don't. 
Stop it right now. 
Wake up! 

If you're living the way you are because it's easy, because it's expected, because someone else told you to, STOP IT. Run shamelessly after Christ, fall deeply in love with Him and learn to live fully alive. Don't waste any more time. Don't worry about what people will say or think. 

Don't be content with anything less than more Jesus, more grace, more love. 

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  1. Its always good to have found someone who has started to peer beneath the veils. Keep writing girl, and hold fast to your faith. Be pure flame.