Friday, February 3, 2012

Mr. Johns

"Hi, what's your name again? I know you've been here a lot, but I never got around to talking to you."
"So, where's your family?"
"Why don't you go to their church...families should stay together, you know..."
"Well, I hope to meet them sometime. Goodbye."


"How's your family?"


"How's your family been?"


He never asked how I was doing. Even when I came in late or left early, came in looking tired and scared. Even though my eyes were usually red and puffy, and I'd obviously been crying the whole drive to church.

Always, "How's your family?"

Even though he'd never met my family. Ever.

my family isn't here, you've never met them, they're not at your church. I am, I'm here and I need help and a church to open it's arms to me.  

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